UAE Officer’s Club

Working in a multidisciplinary team with Ewan Architectural & Engineering Consultants appointed as lead Architectural and Engineering Consultant and DWP as Interior Consultant, LSC were appointed as Landscape Consultant for this prestigious new development.

The project sought to provide a new restaurant facility at the Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel that complemented the architectural lines and spirit of the existing complex.

The Landscape Concept proposed to build upon the Architectural concept which showed the new restaurant building gently rising from the land by developing a “Coastal Landform” theme with the building being seen as a "headland" with associated coastal landscape features.

A Coastal Estuary Open Space was proposed to integrate, through visual frames, the "Headland" building, but retain it as the focal point of the development. A series of retaining walls meander through the landscape to symbolize the action of waves against the shoreline. The grass terraces terminate in a mounded grass headland.

A small shallow meandering sea water stream lined with pebbles and cobbles and punctuated with boulders flows from the source pool and dissects the open space and gently descends over the terraces in a series of weirs which culminates in a small lagoon, surrounded by a sand and pebble beach reminiscent of an estuary landscape and offers an informal natural play haven. The retaining walls and grassed terraces provide ample space for relaxed family gatherings.

The Landscape proposals developed the open space provide an attractive and interesting journey for pedestrian users meandering through the open space.  A green roof over the restaurant building was proposed and allowed pedestrian access to the uppermost point, where users are rewarded with an outdoor cafeteria and a small outlook seating area.

A Marina development acts as a coastal promenade with the associated facilities that contribute to the day to day operation of such a facility.



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