Muharraq Mall

This project consisted of creating the landscape surrounding a new mall. The site is located adjacent to an established residential neighbourhood, the Arad Bay and the historic Arad Fort. There exists a recently installed pathway and park along the seafront. This overlapping of existing uses added complexity to the project, but also provided unique opportunities to link them together around the new shopping mall.

With a brief to provide an entry landscape to this new shopping centre, we saw the opportunity to create an iconic landscape that would define the mall and become a landmark within the area. The design was complicated by large level changes and integrating the adjacent park system. This was seen as an opportunity to introduce an amphitheatre that faced the sea and interlaced with the existing landscape. The amphitheatre steps then became a series of walls that continued across the hillside, wrapping around the mall to form the structure for the entry. This landscape can be seen from multiple distant locations to serve as a beacon, drawing attention to the mall.



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