Al Bander Hotel and Resort

This was an ageing, but successful resort complex that needed upgrading to keep current with competitors and to attract a more exclusive clientele. It had the feeling of a marina club with a pool area, restaurants and a bowling centre / entertainment lounge facility coupled with sports facilities and a meeting hall.  A large part of the brief was to unify the disparate activity centres with a cohesive landscape that allowed efficient circulation while maintaining the experience of a resort. Another aspect was to provide luxury and privacy to each cabana, especially those for VIP clients.

As part of the design, LSC has proposed to upgrade the entry area which will define the character of the resort. This would lead to an entry drive that attracted visitors to the hotel reception area while screening the parking area and other activity areas. The landscape would then become more luxurious as one approached the cabanas and pool areas. An important aspect of the design was to increase the importance and safety of pedestrians in the resort and to reduce the presence of vehicles.

We also recommended that several cabanas be upgraded with their own private pool and Jacuzzi areas to increase the capacity for VIP clients.



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