Landscape Design
& Consultancy Services

The design team at LSC believes in the holistic integration of the natural and built environment with our Client's needs in our design and planning process. We strive to integrate architecture, engineering and landscape elements seamlessly into one cohesive experience. This includes the vegetation, landforms, lighting, water and structures that work in unison to create a place.

Our design team has the experience, creativity and professional depth to succesfully address the complexity required for projects today. Through rigourous management and clear decision making processes, we maximise results within the given time and cost constraints. We believe that the signifcance of our work is measured through the impact of our activities for a project on investors, the community and its setting.

LSC provides the following professional Landscape Services:

Landscape Solutions Consultancy has gained extensive experience in the harsh climatic conditions of the Middle East region and tailors both hard and soft landscape specifications and plant selection to suit local Middle East conditions. Our primary goal is to deliver a landscape that is appropriate to our location and to our clients' aspirations; one that is sustainable and offers the best value for money.



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